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  • Current Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Fifth Edition

    Joseph LaDou MS MD and Robert Harrison MD MPH

    Now in a fifth edition, this popular occupational medicine reference offers a thorough, concise guide to the diagnosis and treatment of common occupational and environmental injuries and diseases.
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    Publication Date 2014
    Format Softcover, 911 pages
    Product Code 32007
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  • Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies, Tenth Edition

    Robert S. Hoffman, Mary Ann Howland, Neal A. Lewin, Lewis S. Nelson, and Lewis R. Goldfrank

    Trusted as the leading evidence-based resource for poison emergencies, Goldfrank's delivers essential, patient-centered coverage of every aspect of poison management. The editors and authors are recognized preeminent scholars in their specialties and provide unmatched coverage of all aspects of toxicologic emergencies, from pharmacology and clinical presentation to cutting-edge treatment strategies. 

    Publication Date 2015
    Format Hardcover, 1882 pages
    Product Code 32009
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  • Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects, Fifth Edition

    Edited by Keith T Palmer, Ian Brown and John Hobson

    In this highly regarded resource, expert authors provide practical guidance on the employment potential of anyone with an illness or disability as well as examining the art and skills of fitness for work assessment and its ethical framework. Chapters are organized by medical condition for ease of reference.

    New chapters on work in cancer survivors, health promotion in the workplace, and managing and avoiding absence due to sickness. 

    Publication Date 2013
    Format Softcover, 741 pages
    Product Code 24092
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  • Occupational and Environmental Health: Recognizing and Preventing Disease and Injury, Sixth Edition

    Edited by Barry S. Levy, David H. Wegman, Sherry L. Baron, and Rosemary K. Sokas

    Clearly written, comprehensive and practical, the sixth edition of this classic textbook has been thoroughly updated and expanded. The book is divided into five sections: Section I provides an overview of occupational and environmental health, Section II focuses on hazardous exposures, Section III addresses adverse health effects with emphasis on clinical features and prevention, Section IV focuses on recognition, assessment and prevention, Section V gives an integrated approach to prevention. The Appendix provides a list of illustrative non-governmental organizations.
    New chapters include Toxicology: The Roles of Government and International Organizations, and Risk Communication in Workplaces and Communities.
    Includes practical case studies, numerous tables, graphs, photos, and annotated bibliographies. 

    Publication Date 2011
    Format Softcover, 888 pages
    Product Code 24088
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Books 1 - 4 of 4