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  • Text Atlas of Emergency Medicine

    Michael I. Greenberg, MD, MPH, Editor-in-Chief

    This comprehensive textbook contains a valuable section covering toxicologic, environmental, and occupational medicine emergencies. Also covered are weapons of mass destruction. Extremely well-illustrated. 

    Publication Date 2005
    Format Hardcover, 1074 pages
    Product Code 21073
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  • The Dose Makes the Poison, Third Edition

    Patricia Frank and M. Alice Ottoboni

    This popular and easy to understand toxicology book, published in 2011, covers the basics and practice of toxicology in easy-to-understand language. The third edition broadens its scope from an emphasis on industrial chemicals as toxicants to include drugs, food additives, cosmetics, and other types of compounds that people are exposed to daily. Also includes recent issues-of-the-day such as bisphenol A, secondhand smoke, food contamination, lead in toys, melamine toxicity to children and pets, and drug recalls. Basic principles of how doses and routes of administration alter toxicity, testing paradigms for drugs and chemicals, and newer technology such as nanoparticles are all addressed and explained. Case studies of historical and current interest are used to illustrate various aspects of toxicology. 

    Publication Date 2001
    Format Softcover, 262 pages
    Product Code 28105
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  • The Medical Review Officer's Manual: MROCC'S Guide to Drug Testing, MROCC'S Guide to Drug Testing, Fifth Edition

    Robert B. Swotinsky, MD, MPH


    The most up-to-date resource for workplace drug testing and the best possible preparation for the MRO Certification Exam.
    Written by a Medical Review Officer with years of experience "in the trenches", this clearly organized and indexed manual has set the standard of performance for MROs. The Medical Review Officer's Manual is a guidebook for everyone responsible for providing workplace drug and alcohol testing services. It offers practical instruction in exactly how to provide services and is an indispensible resource for new Medical Review Officers (MROs), experienced MROs, physicians training to serve as MROs, occupational medicine physicians, occupational health nurses, forensic toxicologists, third-party administrators, and employer health and safety professionals.  

    Publication Date November 2014
    Format Softcover, 468 pages
    ISBN 978-1-883595-64-7
    Product Code 23107
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  • The Medical Review Officer 2-Book Combo Offer

    Cover all the bases for the MRO and the MRO team and save 10% by buying both of our latest MRO books - THE MEDICAL REVIEW OFFICER'S MANUAL: MROCC'S GUIDE TO DRUG TESTING 5TH EDITION AND THE MEDICAL REVIEW OFFICER TEAM MANUAL 2ND EDITION. 

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  • Principles of Toxicology: Environmental and Industrial Applications 3rd Edition

    Stephen M Roberts, Robert C James, Phillip L Williams

    Presents the scientific basis to toxicology as it applies to the workplace and the environment. The third edition is compact and practical with information structured for easy use by health professionals in both industry and government. The book takes an applied, as opposed to theoretical, scientific approach. Emphasis is placed on the information pertinent to the industrial environment.


    Publication Date 2015
    Format Hardcover, 286 pages
    Product Code 28108
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  • Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2018

    Keith J Hodgson and Robert Kizior

    New and Expanded!
    Arm yourself with all the latest information on more than 1,000 generic and 4,000 trade name drugs along with the latest FDA safety recommendations. Organized alphabetically by generic drug name, Saunders Nursing Drug Handbook 2018 gives you all the expert drug information you need in the palm of your hand. In addition to detailed and thoroughly updated drug coverage (including more than 270 Black Box Alerts updates and additions), this convenient handbook also includes the precautionary information nurses need to provide safer patient care - such as guidance on clinical priorities in the practice setting and IV drug administration. No other drug handbook more perfectly meets the practicing nurse's needs!

    Publication Date March 2017
    Format Softcover
    Product Code 27099
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Books 11 - 16 of 16 1 [2]