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Why Publish With OEM Press...

OEM Press is a long-established, international publisher focused on the specialty of occupational and environmental health. OEM Press has an active acquisition policy, not only for individual titles, but also for new series and periodicals. Publications focus on the recognition, treatment, and prevention of occupational injuries and diseases and are published as original texts and documents, reference works (such as handbooks), as well as monographs and research titles. OEM Press works are published in both print and online versions.

The OEM Press team can offer outstanding support to the authors with whom they work. We fully participate in all aspects of the publishing process, from the beginning of a project to its creation and delivery. A partnership with OEM Press is beneficial both to authors/editors and readers/customers alike.

For each book that we publish, OEM Press has a dedicated editor/manager who will act as a central contact-point and guide with whom you will work throughout the publication process. We offer in-house expertise in editorial and production matters, recognizing that each author's needs are unique. As experienced publishers, we provide comprehensive copyediting and production support, using the latest electronic technologies for pre-press, digital printing, and electronic (eBook) publishing. Print and eBooks are published simultaneously.

Marketing your publication is our highest priority. The marketing for your book begins before publication with a dedicated web page on, as well as via announcements in our email newsletters and print catalogs. Once your book is published, we make sure it is visible at relevant scholarly conferences, including the AOHC, AAOHN National Conference, and NECOEM conferences.

Our customers know that when they buy an OEM Press book, they are purchasing an authoritative, quality publication.

Get started - if you wish to submit a proposal to OEM Press, please email our Editorial Director, Alexis Rautio at