Disability Evaluation

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  • The DOT Medical Examination: An Unofficial Guide to Commercial Drivers' Medical Certification, Seventh Edition

    Natalie P. Hartenbaum, MD, MPH, FACOEM


    Now in its Seventh Edition, The DOT Medical Examination: An Unofficial Guide to Commercial Drivers' Medical Certification, has been helping DOT Medical Examiners perform commercial driver exams for nearly 25 years. Completely revised and updated, this edition gives you all the information you need to conduct an efficient, accurate examination of a commercial driver.
    Available as a package only (print and online). NOTE: The eBook version is online access only and NOT downloadable
    This invaluable handbook continues to be offered as a bundled publication - in both print and electronic format, including updates to the electronic edition at least twice a year for the next three years. The Seventh Edition presents not only the "official" guidance, but also includes the "less official" information from the FMCSA's Medical Review Board and Medical Expert Panels.
    The updated eBook version provides you with rapid access to the latest changes and updates to the regulations, FMCSA guidance, other information, and, of course, Dr. Hartenbaum's interpretation.


    Publication Date June 2020
    Format Softcover print book with digital access to eBook
    483 pages
    ISBN 978-1-883595-90-6
    Product Code 23120
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  • AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Work Ability and Return to Work, Second Edition

    James B Talmage MD J Mark Melhorn MD and Mark H. Hyman MD

    Formerly titled A PHYSICIAN'S GUIDE TO RETURN TO WORK, this easy-to-read publication is designed to help physicians and primary care professionals understand risk, capacity, and tolerance, and to guide the reader through work ability and work cases for numerous diagnoses and body systems. Chapters are organized by body system. Includes the latest medical literature reviewed by experts and step-by-step guidance to help negotiate return to work cases.  

    Publication Date 2011
    Format Softcover, 450 pages
    Product Code 50019
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  • AMA Guides to Evaluation of Disease and Injury Causation, Second Edition

    J. Mark Melhorn MD, James B. Talmage MD, William E. Ackerman III MD, and Mark H. Hyman MD

    Significantly expanded, the second edition of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Disease and Injury Causation is a comprehensive guide to the understanding of causation. It provides the basis for the thought processes that factor into disease and injury causation analysis and clarifies some of the differences between medical and legal requirements with respect to probability and decision-making. Recommended reading for anyone involved with handling disability evaluations and injury cases. Ideal for physicians, nurse case managers, health care providers, state workers' compensation, and legislative bodies.

    New to the second edition:
    Chapters have been added to address causation perspectives by specialty, international causation, issues for public safety personnel as well as the effects of whole body vibration on the spine. 

    Publication Date 2013
    Format Softcover, 792 pages
    Product Code 50021
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  • Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects, Sixth Edition

    Edited by John Hobson and Julia Smedley


    Fitness for Work, a UK publication, is a respected in-depth and comprehensive resource on the relationship between health and employment. It provides practical advice that complies with employment law as well as health and safety regulations to be used by occupational health practitioners on a daily basis.
    The clinical chapters in Fitness for Work are co-authored by a clinical specialist and an occupational physician. Coverage includes health hazards in the workplace, fitness for work, and rehabilitation after illness or injury. For ease of reference occupational health issues are organized by medical condition. With a review of current research, this resource provides advice on fitness for work in the context of our changing society, including the older worker.
    Links to additional resources are provided, including useful addresses, contact details, and further reading.

    Publication Date 2019
    Format Softcover, 864 pages
    Product Code 24096
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  • Guides to Navigating Disability Benefit Systems: Essentials for the Health Care Professional

    Les Kertay PhD, Marjorie Eskay-Auerbach MD JD, Mark Hyman MD

    Written for front-line health care professionals who do not have specialized training in evaluating patients with regard to work capacity, but who often find themselves facing patients who believe they are unable to work because of a health condition. This essential resource is designed to help medical and psychological health care professionals understand, navigate, and communicate effectively in the complex world of disability systems and claims.

    Features Include:

    • -Fundamental principles of disability evaluations and causation analysis
    • -Guidance for navigating common forms, family medical leave, public and private disability, and workers' compensation systems
    • -An introduction to disability evaluation as it interfaces with the legal system
    • - Thorough references that provide the reader with easy access to more detailed material


    Publication Date 2016
    Format Softcover, 191 pages
    Product Code 50023
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  • Guide to the Evaluation of Functional Ability, How to Request, Interpret, and Apply Functional Capacity Evaluations

    Elizabeth Genovese, MD
    Jill S. Galper, PT

    Provides a practical approach based on latest evidence for functional capacity evaluations (FCEs). Includes patient, medical, and legal implications with observations on psychological and motivational status.  

    Publication Date 2010
    Format Softcover, 340 pages
    Product Code 50015
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  • Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment Sixth Edition

    Robert D. Rondinelli, MD, PhD, Editor

    The AMA's newly revised Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, sixth edition, emphasizes the fundamental skills physicians need to evaluate and communicate patient impairments.

    The sixth edition applies both terminology from and an analytical framework based on the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF), to generate five impairment classes which permit the rating of the patient from no impairment to most severe. A diagnosis-based grid has been developed for each organ system. The grid arranges commonly used ICD-9 diagnoses within the five classes of impairment severity, according to the consensus-based dominant criterion.

    Functionally based histories, physical findings and broadly accepted objective clinical test results are integrated where applicable to help physicians determine the grade within the impairment class. The result is a decision that is both transparent and reproducible. 

    Publication Date 2008
    Format Hardcover, 634 pages
    Product Code 50012
    Price: $194.00 More Info
  • Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment, Fifth Edition

    Linda Cocchiarella MD MSC
    Gunnar Andersson MD PhD

    New 6th edition released January 2008 (see item 50012). For almost 30 years, GUIDES TO THE EVALUATION OF PERMANENT IMPAIRMENT has been providing practitioners with a uniform way to measure, evaluate, and report impairment. 

    Publication Date 2001
    Format Hardcover, 613 pages
    Product Code 50006
    Price: $199.75 More Info
  • AMA Practical Guide to Range of Motion Assessment

    John Gerhardt, Linda Cocchiarella, Randall Lea

    This companion to the AMA Guides sets standards for measuring joint range-of-motion. Use it to: Enhance your impairment evaluations; Maximize reproducibility of your measurements; Reduce variability between evaluators; Give your impairment evaluations greater reproducibility and credibility. Order your copy now! 

    Publication Date 2002
    Format Hardcover, 108 pages
    Product Code 50008
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  • AMA Guides™ to the Evaluation of Ophthalmic Impairment and Disability, Measuring the Impact of Visual Impairment on Activities of Daily Life

    Bernard R. Blais MD

    Authored by Dr. Bernard Blais, practicing ophthalmologist and clinical professor of ophthalmology at the Albany Medical College in Albany, New York, this new guide on vision and visual impairment can be used to determine if visual impairment or disability exists, the severity of the diagnosis, and how this translates into whether a person is able to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) and/or possibly related occupational duties.  

    Publication Date 2011
    Format Softcover, 270 pages
    Product Code 50018
    Price: $79.95 More Info
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