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  • The Merck Manual, Nineteenth Edition

    This reliable reference, written by over 300 experts in their respective medical fields, is well-known for its essential information on diagnosing and treating medical disorders. This edition has been thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded. New features include 15 new chapters, over 300 new tables, and 56 new figures. Purchase of the book includes free 1-year mobile app access. 

    Publication Date 2011
    Format Hardcover, 3754 pages
    Product Code 39011
    Price: $79.95 More Info
  • Dorland's Illustrated Medical Dictionary 32nd Edition

    Over 120,000 entries in and 1500 clear illustrations are included in the 32nd edition published in 2011. Includes bonus software and free online access. 

    Publication Date 2011
    Format Hardcover, 2176 pages
    Product Code 27076
    Price: $50.95 More Info
  • Instant Medical Spanish for the Care of Workers

    Suzanne Sergile, MD, MPH

    • The only medical Spanish book that specifically deals with work-related injuries and occupational medicine
    • Offers pocket-sized convenience and quick, easy access to key medical terms in Spanish
    • Organizes correct phrases for treatment in a logical sequence
    • Gives you samples of all the forms you regularly use

    Publication Date 1999
    Format Softcover, 209 pages
    ISBN 978-1-883595-23-4
    Product Code 23051
    Price: $22.00 More Info
  • Guide to the Medical Evaluation for Respirator Use

    Robert K. McLellan, MD, MPH
    Kathleen M. Schusler, MSN, COHN-S

    For the first time in one convenient resource all the information you need to set up, conduct, and audit a program for the medical evaluation of workers for respirator use. 

    Publication Date 2000
    Format Softcover, 332 pages
    ISBN 1-883595-30-4
    Product Code 23068
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  • The Praeger Handbook of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, 3-Volume Set

    Tee L. Guidotti, MD, MPH

    This three volume, 26 chapter, reference for physicians is a comprehensive work on the underlying principles of occupational and environmental medicine, central issues, and practice insights. Especially useful to review for board exam in Occupational Medicine, it is also a must have for launching physicians new to the field. Includes coverage on the scientific foundation in epidemiology and toxicology along with the often over-looked discipline of risk science, management of common medical problems, and practical issues such as management and workers' compensation. 

    Publication Date 2010
    Format Hardcover, 1682 pages
    Product Code 66000
    Price: $203.00 More Info
  • Issues in International Occupational and Environmental Medicine

    Lora E. Fleming, MD, MPH, MSc
    Jessica Herzstein, MD, MPH
    William B. Bunn, MD, JD, MPH

    This book guides you through the laws, standards, and regulations professionals face in the international marketplace. 

    Publication Date 1997
    Format Hardcover, 216 pages
    ISBN 978-1-883595-13-4
    Product Code 23038
    Price: $38.95 More Info
  • Science on the Witness Stand: Evaluating Scientific Evidence in Law, Adjudication, and Policy

    Tee L. Guidotti, MD, MPH
    Susan G. Rose, JD, MPH

    Science on the Witness Stand will be a welcome addition to the library of any medical or legal professional whose work involves presenting medical evidence in a legal context.

    The book offers a complete look at the factors to be considered in a variety of legal proceedings, from claims adjudication to liability and other medical/legal proceedings. It begins by introducing an innovative approach the authors call evidence-based medical dispute resolution, then moves on to discuss the elements and logic to be presented in a medical opinion, the principles and procedures of civil litigation, and the jurist's view of scientific evidence. Issues of causality and admissibility of evidence and testimony are presented, along with individualized medical evaluation and personal risk, impairment, and evidentiary needs in environmental law and occupational health law. 

    Publication Date 2001
    Format Softcover, 428 pages
    ISBN 978-1-883595-31-9
    Product Code 23070
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  • Low Back Pain: An Evidence-Based, Biopsychosocial Model for Clinical Management, 2nd Edition

    Jane Derebery, MD, FACOEM
    John R. Anderson, DO

    Practical, Comprehensive and Up-To-Date!

    How a physician understands, interacts, and communicates with a patient with musculoskeletal low back pain will have a powerful impact on the course of care and outcome, regardless of the diagnosis. The authors of the new second edition of Low Back Pain provide a unique and valuable perspective on the non-surgical management of this potentially disabling condition. 

    Publication Date 2008
    Format Softcover, 385 pages
    ISBN 978-1-883595-49-4
    Product Code 23095
    Price: $79.00 More Info
  • Orthopedic Physical Assessment , Sixth Edition

    David J. Magee, PhD, BPT, C.M.

    A comprehensive guide to selecting diagnostic tests for accurate musculoskeletal assessment, this book covers everything from anatomy to clinical application. Topics include the principles of assessment, all peripheral and spinal joints including the head and face, gait, posture, primary care, the amputee, and emergency sports assessment. 

    Publication Date 2014
    Format Hardcover, 1173 pages
    Product Code 27095
    Price: $133.00 More Info
  • Wallach's Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests, Tenth Edition

    Mary A. Williamson, MT (ASCP), PhD, and L. Michael Snyder, MD, Editors


    This practical guide cuts through the confusion of when to order tests and how to interpret results based on evidence-based laboratory medicine.
    Includes current molecular diagnostic testing, cytogenetics, common pitfalls, test limitations, and identification of appropriate tests for specific clinic presentations. Also covers test sensitivity, specificity, and includes positive and negative infectious disease probabilities included where appropriate. Detailed descriptions of routine and lesser-known tests are listed alphabetically with guidance on when to order and how to interpret results.

    The print edition includes a code inside the front cover allowing access to the interactive eBook edition with tablet, smartphone, or online access to the complete content with enhanced navigational features.

    • New chapters on genitourinary disorders and transfusion medicine
    • New information on pulmonary, cardiac, and nerologic disease states, HLA
    • A completely revamped cardiovascular chapter including new symptoms (Dyspnea, Syncope, Sudden Cardiac Arrest)

    Publication Date 2014
    Format Softcover, 1390 pages
    Product Code 41101
    Price: $84.99 More Info
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