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  • Concise Guide to Reading, Understanding, and Evaluating Medical Journal Articles

    Judith Green-McKenzie, MD, MPH, FACP, FACOEM

    You have a short time to read and evaluate a journal article in an area that's vital to your practice, yet is filled with terminology you haven't come across before, haven't used in years, or is only vaguely familiar. What's the most efficient way to accomplish the task? Turn to Judith Green-McKenzie's time-saving guide. It offers a step-by-step approach to dissecting an article, a glossary of commonly used terms, methods for evaluating the validity of the results presented, and much more. 

    Publication Date 2006
    Format Softcover, 128 pages
    ISBN 978-1-883595-46-3
    Product Code 23093
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  • Essentials of Musculoskeletal Care, Fifth Edition

    April D. Armstrong, BSc (PT), MSc, MD, FRCSC and Mark C. Hubbard, MPT, Editors

    Published by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS), this authoritative and multi-disciplinary reference helps guide practitioners to confidently evaluate and treat more than 300 complaints and conditions. Offers stepwise instruction, comprehensive coverage, and an unparalleled collection of videos and exercises. Written and edited by a multi-specialty team, including orthopaedists, physical therapists, and pediatricians including contributors from the American Academy of Pediatrics. 

    Publication Date 2016
    Format Hardcover, 1291 pages
    Product Code 39025
    Price: $199.00 More Info
  • Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, Eighth Edition

    J. Stapczynski, Judith Tintinalli, David Cline, O. John Ma, Garth Meckler, Donald Yealy

    Endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians, this widely used and highly regarded textbook covers the broad scope of emergency medicine. Features a format that is well-organized and comprehensive yet easy to read. Includes sections on toxicology, environmental injuries, disaster preparedness, radiation injuries, blast and crush injuries, and chemical disasters. 

    Publication Date 2016
    Format Hardcover, 2176 pages
    Product Code 32012
    Price: $249.00 More Info
  • Fitzpatrick's Color Atlas and Synopsis of Clinical Dermatology 8th Edition

    Klaus Wolff, Richard C. Johnson, Arturo Saavedra, Ellen K. Roh

    Written as a field guide to the recognition of skin disorders and their management, this text features over 1080 full color images covering the entire spectrum of skin problems. It also includes an overview of epidemiology and pathophysiology with detailed information on diagnosis and treatment. The book is color-coded in 4 parts with helpful icons denoting the incidence and morbidity of disease.

    New to the Eighth Edition:

    • More than 40% new images with many that highlight skin disease in different ethnic populations
    • Includes ICD-10 codes for each disease
    • Thoroughly updated coverage of etiology, pathogenesis, management, and therapy

    Publication Date 2017
    Format Softcover, 927 pages
    Product Code 32015
    Price: $99.00 More Info
  • Independent Medical Evaluation: A Practical Guide

    Douglas W. Martin, MD

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    Geared toward any physician working with IME's, this book offers thorough coverage of every aspect of Independent Medical Evaluations from defining IME product and the IME evaluator themselves, explaining the medicolegal systems, and providing guidance towards establishing these professional services. Includes descriptions of how to best use medical records and best-practices for taking an IME history and conducting an examination. Chapters go on to cover developing an IME report, the common challenges and pitfalls encountered, along with strategies and pearls.  

    Publication Date 2018
    Format Softcover, 220 pages with index
    Product Code 71000
    Price: $109.00 More Info
Books 11 - 15 of 15 1 [2]