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  • Occupational and Environmental Medicine: Board Review and Clinical Synopsis

    Kevin F. Smith, MD, MPH
    Hayley J. Smith, LLB (JD)


    Occupational and Environmental Medicine: Board Review and Clinical Synopsis is an indispensable study guide for physicians preparing to take the Occupational Medicine board exam offered by the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM). Additionally, it is a quick reference tool for physicians, nurses and other health professionals for cases presenting in their clinical practice.
    Preparing for and taking the Occupational Medicine Board Examination can be a daunting task for the busy professional. The first step toward achieving certification is being armed with the essential knowledge needed to successfully prepare for the exam.

    Publication Date 2021
    Format Softcover, 440 Pages
    Product Code 23118
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  • Jekel's Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Preventive Medicine and Public Health, Fifth Edition

    Joann G. Elmore, MD, MPH, Dorothea Wild, MD, MPH, David L. Katz, MD, MPH, and Heidi D. Nelson, MD, MPH, MACP


    A reliable source for complete and concise coverage of epidemiology, biostatistics, preventive medicine, and public health. Written by renowned experts in the fields of epidemiology and public health, material is presented with a clinical focus and real-life medical examples.  

    Publication Date 2020
    Format Softcover, 464 Pages
    Product Code 27103
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  • Current Occupational & Environmental Medicine, Sixth Edition

    Joseph LaDou and Robert Harrison


    Now in a sixth edition, this book is a must have for all occupational health professionals. It provides a thorough, concise guide to the diagnosis and treatment of common occupational and environmental injuries and diseases. Coverage includes important aspects of multidisciplinary occupational health and safety practice including ethical principles, disability management, workers' compensation, medical monitoring, and health risk assessment.

    New to this edition:

    • --New chapters on the impact of climate change on workers, the changing nature of work, Total Worker Health, workplace violence, pediatric environmental health, genetic toxicology, and responder safety and health
    • --Latest approaches to prevent workplace-related injuries through the application of ergonomic principles
    • --Updated practical information on the toxic properties and clinical manifestations of industrial materials and environmental agents

    Publication Date June 2021
    Format Softcover, 960 pages
    Product Code 32021
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  • Studying a Study and Testing a Test 7/e

    Richard K. Riegelman, MD

    Now in a seventh edition, this resource provides invaluable information on how to recognize a meaningful study, identify potential study flaws, and apply solid evidence in clinical decision making. Includes the M.A.A.R.I.E. framework which provides a questions-to-ask approach for critical review of clinical research from observational and randomized studies to decision analyses and cost-effectiveness analyses. 

    Publication Date 2020
    Format Softcover, 386 pages
    Product Code 41106
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  • A Study Guide to Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Seventh Edition

    J. Richard Hebel and Robert J. McCarter

    Fully revised and updated, the seventh edition of this title continues to be essential reading for students in health sciences including medicine, nursing, public and community health and other allied health sciences. Each chapter concludes with exercises and recommended reading and there are several self-assessments at intervals throughout the book. Answers to the exercises and assessments are available. 

    Publication Date 2012
    Format Softcover, 219 pages
    Product Code 07042
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  • Primer of Epidemiology, Fifth Edition

    Gary D. Friedman

    Concise introduction to epidemiology. Chapter titles include introduction to epidemiology, basic measurements in epidemiology, observations used in epidemiology, basic methods of study, descriptive studies, cross-sectional studies, case-control studies, cohort studies, experimental studies, clinical studies of disease outcome, making sense out of statistical associations, introduction to multivariate analysis, how to carry out a study, epidemiology and patient care, epidemiology, medical care, and the health of the community, genetic epidemiology, quick review, and answers to problems. 

    Publication Date 2004
    Format Softcover, 401 pages
    Product Code 19072
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  • Occupational and Environmental Medicine Review: Pearls of Wisdom

    Michael Greenberg

    Maximize your exam preparation time with this quick-hit question and answer review. The unique question and single-answer format eliminates the guesswork associated with traditional multiple-choice Q&A reviews and reinforces only the correct answers you'll need to know on exam day. Emphasis is placed on distilling key facts and clinical pearls essential for exam success. This high-yield review for the boards is the perfect compliment to larger texts for intense, streamlined review in the days and weeks before your exam.
    This is a print on demand title and may take an extra week to ship. 

    Publication Date 2005
    Format Softcover, 400 pages
    Product Code 19075
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  • The Handbook of Occupational and Environmental Medicine: Principles, Practice, Populations, and Problem-Solving, Second Edition

    Tee L. Guidotti, MD, MPH, DABT

    Revised and reduced from a three volume set to two volumes, this second edition offers an overview of occupational and environmental medicine. It serves as both a guide for health professionals new to the field as well as a reference for use in the preparation for specialty examinations. In addition to covering all topics in the OEM board Specialty Examination, this second edition features an appendix with sample questions from the Specialty Examination as well as essential resources for OEM physicians. 

    Publication Date 2020
    Format 2 Volume Hardcover, 1212 pages
    Product Code 66001
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