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  • The Medical Review Officer Team Manual: MROCC's Guide for MROs and MRO Team Members, Second Edition

    James Ferguson, DO, FASAM

    As demands for a safe and drug-free workplace grow, federal requirements and a burgeoning work load require that many medical review functions be carried out by Medical Review Officer Team members. This useful, up-to-the-minute manual has been created to help prepare MRO Team Members for certification and to keep the entire MRO team operating at a peak level of professionalism and efficiency. Offering a complete view of the medical review process, the Medical Review Officer Team Manual covers business, scientific, legal, ethical and logistical issues. Eighteen appendices and charts address every different function MRO Teams are required to perform.

    NOTE: The eBook version is online access only and NOT downloadable

    Publication Date 2013
    Format Softcover, 317 pages
    ISBN 978-1-883595-57-9
    Product Code 23103
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  • The Medical Review Officer's Manual: MROCC's Guide to Drug Testing, Sixth Edition

    Medical Review Officer Certification Council
    Robert B. Swotinksy, MD, MPH


    The Medical Review Officer's Manual: MROCC's Guide to Drug Testing, Sixth Edition is a comprehensive, well-organized resource for Medical Review Officers (MROs), MRO Team Member, and everyone responsible for providing workplace drug and alcohol testing services. Written by Robert B. Swotinsky, MD, MPH, a Medical Review Officer with 30+ years of experience, this clearly organized and indexed manual sets the standard of performance for MROs. It also remains the best possible resource of preparation for MROCC's MRO Certification Examination.

    This newly revised reference has been updated to address regulatory changes during the past five years, including:

    • Additional prescription opioids (added to the federal panel in 2017)
    • Oral fluid testing guidelines (2020)
    • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Clearinghouse (2020)
    • The updated federal Custody and Control Form (2020)
    • An expanded discussion of testing of non-urine specimens

    Guidelines for drug test interpretation have been updated to reflect evolving standards of practice. These include the means of verifying medical explanations, the interpretation of marijuana-positives with respect to state-legalized marijuana use, and the use of cannabidiol (CBD). Scientific discussions have been updated to include recent citations for some of the less well-known parts of the federal regulations so readers can more easily locate the source material.

    Available as a package only in both print and electronic formats. The eBook version will be updated periodically to keep you abreast of future changes in regulations and recommendations.

    The MRO Manual can also be used as a companion to The Medical Review Officer Team Manual: MROCC's Guide for MROs and MRO Team Members, Second Edition by James Ferguson, DO, FASAM published by OEM Press.

    NOTE: The eBook version is online access only and NOT downloadable

    Publication Date 2021
    Format Softcover print book with digital access to e-book
    548 pages
    ISBN 978-1-883595-93-7
    Product Code 23122
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  • Hearing Conservation Manual, 5/e

    Edited by Thomas L. Hutchison and Theresa Y. Schulz

    The fifth edition of CAOHC's Hearing Conservation Manual is the most complete and current information on occupational hearing conservation.
    New to the Fifth Edition:
    •Full color text
    •Four additional chapters
    •Comprehensive glossary of terms
    •Five additional appendix documents

    Publication Date 2015
    Format Softcover, 422 pages
    Product Code 99004
    Price: $90.00 More Info
  • The Merck Manual, Twentieth Edition

    This comprehensive and widely used reference is well-known for its essential information on diagnosing and treating medical disorders. Written by a team of medical experts, the 20th edition has been thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded. New features include 36 new chapters with more than 200 new tables and numerous new figures. It is an essential reference for medical students, residents, practicing physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals.  

    Publication Date 2018
    Format Hardcover, 3500 pages
    Product Code 39024
    Price: $79.95 More Info
  • Control of Communicable Diseases Manual, Twentieth Edition

    David L. Heymann, MD, Editor

    This handy reference is a vital resource for anyone working on the front lines of public health. Reformatted and decreased slightly in size to ensure easily portability in the field, the 20th edition provides a quick reference for information including clinical signs and symptoms, modes of transmission, incubation periods, and measures for prevention and control. 

    Publication Date 2014
    Format Softcover, 729 pages
    Product Code 39018
    Price: $70.00 More Info
  • The Travel and Tropical Medicine Manual Fifth Edition

    Be equipped with the knowledge to prevent, evaluate, and manage diseases when employees are traveling abroad. This pragmatic and pocket-sized manual covers key topics in pre- and post-travel medicine with a format for quick and easy access. Includes dynamic images for an enhanced visual understanding.

    New to this edition:

    • Expert Consult eBook version included with purchase
    • Evidence-based appendix helps to validate treatments - available at Expert Consult
    • Covers emerging hot topics such as Ebola virus, viral hemorrhagic fevers, the role of point-of-care testing in travel medicine, and antibiotic-resistant bacteria in returning travelers


    Publication Date 2016
    Format Softcover
    Product Code 27100
    Price: $79.99 More Info
  • Manual of Lifestyle Medicine

    James M. Rippe MD

    Written for health professionals, this book is a clinically oriented, evidence-based look into key lifestyle factors and how to prescribe them. Major components of lifestyle medicine are summarized from physical activity and nutrition to weight management and the avoidance of tobacco products. Guidelines and practices are included for using lifestyle medicine principles to lower the risk of numerous chronic conditions. This manual also provides information on behavioral change, approaches to lowering the risk of dementia, treatment of addictions and injury prevention. 

    Publication Date 2021
    Format Softcover, 316 pages
    Product Code 31035
    Price: $64.95 More Info
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