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  • Exploring the Dangerous Trades

    Alice Hamilton, MD

    Alice Hamilton, the first woman appointed to the faculty of Harvard Medical School, said she chose medicine as a career not because she was scientifically minded but because, as a doctor, she could go anywhere she pleased and be quite sure that she would be useful. Her commitment to making her life count led her to combined roles as scientific researcher, skillful negotiator, labor organizer, and vocal and tireless crusader for social reform. In Exploring the Dangerous Trades, she recounts the story of her remarkable life with wit and forthrightness. Includes Foreword by noted occupational medicine historian Jean Spencer Felton, MD. 

    Publication Date April 2015
    Format Softcover, 433 pages
    ISBN 978-1-883595-04-3
    Product Code 23032
    Price: $29.95 More Info
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