The Workplace Walk-Through

James P. Kornberg MD ScD

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Published in 1992 as the first volume in Kornberg's Operational Guideline Series in Occupational Medicine, THE WORKPLACE WALK-THROUGH provides operational guidelines and technical recommendations to assist physicians in the performance of a workplace walk-through along with the necessary occupational and environmental health analyses of plants and work areas. The book focuses on four critical areas of practice:

  • How to perform a workplace walk-through
  • How to organize occupational health and industrial hygiene information into an integrated and cohesive framework from which medical surveillance recommendations may be based
  • How to perform an occupational medicine causality determination
  • How to understand and utilize selected environmental engineering and industrial hygiene concepts and methods
There are numerous helpful charts and appendices, including a walk-through checklist, and an inventory of possible additional, specialized, topics which can be discussed with an employer prior to the walk-through.

Publication Date 1992
Format Hardcover, 165 pages
Product Code 09023
Price: $265.00