A Comprehensive Guide to the Hazardous Properties of Chemical Substances, Third Edition

Pradyot Patnaik, PhD

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This third edition, published in June 2007, has been extensively revised and updated. Provides a reference that correlates chemical structure with toxicity to humans and the environment as well as the chemical structure of compounds to their hazardous properties. Those with a chemistry background are enabled to assess the toxicity of a substance without experimental data. This reference is recommended for Hazmat professionals, occupational health physicians, toxicologists, forensic scientists, industrial hygienists, and chemical engineers. Click on this title for more specifics on the contents of this reference.

Highlights of this reference:
  • Examines organics, metals and inorganics, industrial solvents, common gases, particulates, explosives, and radioactive substances, covering everything from toxicity and carcinogenicity to flammability and explosive reactivity to handling and disposal practices
  • Arranges hazardous chemical substances according to their chemical structures and functional groups for easy reference
  • Updated information on the toxic, flammable, and explosive properties of chemical substances
  • Covers additional metals in the chapters on toxic and reactive metals
  • Updates the threshold exposure limits in the workplace air for a number of substances
  • Features the latest information on industrial solvents and toxic and flammable gases
  • Features numerous tables, formulas, and a glossary for quick reference
Publication Date 2007
Format Hardcover, 1059 pages
Product Code 28092
About the Author Dr. Patnaik is the Director of the Environmental Chemistry Laboratory of the Interstate Environmental Commission at Staten Island, New York, and a research investigator at the Center for Environmental Science of the City University of New York at the College of Staten Island. He is also an Adjunct Professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology at Newark and at the Community College of Philadelphia.
Price: $245.00