Low Back Pain: An Evidence-Based, Biopsychosocial Model for Clinical Management, 2nd Edition

Jane Derebery, MD, FACOEM
John R. Anderson, DO

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How a physician understands, interacts, and communicates with a patient with musculoskeletal low back pain will have a powerful impact on the course of care and outcome, regardless of the diagnosis. The authors of the new second edition of Low Back Pain provide a unique and valuable perspective on the non-surgical management of this potentially disabling condition.

The book is based on a biopsychosocial model for evaluation and management, with the recognition that there is more to a person with low back pain than just a body with a biomechanical problem involving bones, discs, nerves, and muscles. Inherent in this model is viewing patients within the context of their environment, including their personal life and work, which can significantly influence both illness and recovery. While providing the latest available scientific data regarding back pain diagnosis and management, this new edition also provides specific information regarding biopsychosocial management that promotes functional recovery.
  • Get help for dealing with patients with an atypical presentation of low back pain.
  • The section on chiropractic treatment will assist non-chiropractic professionals in understanding and assessing efficacy and quality of chiropractic care of patients.
  • This book will assist in decision making with regard to activity and work capability by providing specific recommendations on making restrictions time contingent, rather than pain contingent.
Table of Contents
    Contributing Authors Foreword Preface I. Fundamentals of an Evidence-Based, Biopsychological Approach to Low Back Pain
  1. Paradigms Lost: Adopting a New Model for Low Back Pain - Jane Derebery
  2. Process Management - W. Tom Fogarty
  3. Clinical Management: Patient Evaluation - Jane Derebery
  4. Content Management: Treatment - Jane Derebery
  5. II. Clinical Evaluation of Low Back Pain
  6. Anatomy and Function of the Low Back - Tom Hadley
  7. Determining the Cause of Low Back Pain - Ellison H. Wittels
  8. Nondiscogenic, Mechanical Low Back Pain - George Anstadt, Brian Justice
  9. Discogenic Low Back Pain - Larry Wilson, Hari Dhir, Jane Derebery
  10. Traumatic Low Back Pain - Chirles Hinman, James McMullen, Peter G. Fagan
  11. Medical Conditions Causing Low Back Pain - David M. Lyman, James Fitko, Granville E. Horton
  12. III. Diagnostic Procedures for Low Back Pain
  13. Lumbar Imaging - Bill Lewis
  14. Electrodiagnostic and Laboratory Testing - John R. Anderson, Steve Sanford, Artemio Robert Martin
  15. IV. Management of Low Back Pain
  16. Medical Treatment: Pharmacotherapy and Supportive Measures - Robert J. Hassett, Steve Peake, Mark Mason
  17. Physical Therapy - Peter Deziel, Neetu Trivedi
  18. Chiropractic Management - William D. Defoyd
  19. Surgery - Paul M. Umoff
  20. Patient Education - Maja Jurisic, Daniela Jurisic, Art. Axelrod
  21. Strategies for Facilitating Returning to Work and Staying at Work - Melissa A. Bean, Patricia J. Johnson
  22. Index
Publication Date 2008
Format Softcover, 385 pages
ISBN 978-1-883595-49-4
Product Code 23095
Jane Derebery, M.D., FACOEM is Vice President of Medical Affairs, at Concentra Health Services and Chairman of the Concentra Occupational Health Research Institute. She is a Fellow of th American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Derebery has been involved in research and has authored a number of medical publications relate to low back pain, as well as other topics in the field of occupational health, including upper extremity disorders and disability management. John R. Anderson, D.O. is Senior Vice President of Medical Operations, at Concentra Health Services. He is Board Certified in Occupational Medicine and Health Care Quality, and is a Fellow in the American Institute for Healthcare Quality.
Price: $79.00