Handbook of Modern Hospital Safety, Second Edition

William Charney, Editor

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For those overseeing the health of workers in the health care field, this fully revised second edition reviews exposure paradigms and offers solutions and models of protection. Includes latest science and intervention strategies that have proven successful in the scientific community. The following are included among the hazardous conditions the book covers:

• infection and infectious disease
• back injuries
• needlesticks
• workplace violence
• slip, trip, and fall injuries
• ergonomic issues
• electrocautery smoke
• toxic drugs
• ethylene oxide
• aldehydes
• pentamidine
• ribavirin

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Table of Contents
  1. Overview of Health and Safety in the Health Care Environment
  2. Epidemiology
  3. Back Injury Prevention in Health Care
  4. Emerging Infectious Diseases
  5. Disinfection and Infection Control
  6. Progress in Preventing Sharps Injuries in the United States
  7. Violence in the Health Care Industry
  8. Prevention of the Slip, Trip, and Fall Hazards for Workers in Hospital Settings
  9. Ergonomics
  10. Chemodrugs
  11. Tuberculosis Engineering Controls
  12. Electrocautery Smoke
  13. Safe Use of Ethylene Oxide in the Hospital Environment
  14. Monitoring Aldehydes
  15. Pentamidine
  16. Ribavirin
  17. Trace Anesthetic Gas
  18. Cost-Benefit
  19. Clinical Approach to Glove Dermatitis and Latex Allergy
  20. Latex Glove Use: Essentials in Modern Hospital Safety
  21. Health and Safety Hazards of Shiftwork: Implications for Health Care Workers and Strategies for Prevention
  22. Radiation Protection in Hospitals
  23. Reproductive Hazards in Hospitals
  24. Medical Waste
  25. The Occupational Hazards of Home Health Care
  26. Caring Until it Hurts: How Nursing Work is Becoming the Most Dangerous Job in America
  27. Laboratory Safety
  28. Biological Exposure Index Testing: Two Case Studies
  29. Functions and Staffing of a Hospital Safety Office
  30. Education for Action: An Innovative Approach to Training Hospital Employees
Publication Date 2009
Format Hardcover, 1226 pages
Product Code 31029
Price: $250.00