AMA Guides™ to the Evaluation of Ophthalmic Impairment and Disability, Measuring the Impact of Visual Impairment on Activities of Daily Life

Bernard R. Blais MD

Price: $79.95

Authored by Dr. Bernard Blais, practicing ophthalmologist and clinical professor of ophthalmology at the Albany Medical College in Albany, New York, this new guide on vision and visual impairment can be used to determine if visual impairment or disability exists, the severity of the diagnosis, and how this translates into whether a person is able to perform activities of daily living (ADLs) and/or possibly related occupational duties.

Content includes:
Insight into the differences between visual impairment and visual disability

Selected examples of occupational ophthalmology and optometry, including possible job accommodations and restrictions

Fundamental information on the anatomy of the eye, types of visions, aspects of visual impairment, and multiple aspects of vision loss and their connection to visual rehabilitation

Examples of the latest Americans with Disabilities Act rules that affect visual disability

Illustrations to show some of the different types of visual exams and ocular screenings, and how to interpret the results

Charts and figures that clarify difficult concepts and provide concrete assistance to readers
Publication Date 2011
Format Softcover, 270 pages
Product Code 50018
Price: $79.95