A Study Guide to Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Seventh Edition

J. Richard Hebel and Robert J. McCarter

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Fully revised and updated, the seventh edition of this title continues to be essential reading for students in health sciences including medicine, nursing, public and community health and other allied health sciences. Each chapter concludes with exercises and recommended reading and there are several self-assessments at intervals throughout the book. Answers to the exercises and assessments are available.

In addition to expanded chapters this edition includes:
  • Receiver-operator curve analysis to improve sensitivity/specificity
  • Comparison-wise significance levels versus study-wise significance levels
  • Confidence-interval and its relationship to statistical significance
  • Meta-analysis with current methods for assessing heterogeneity and the potential for publication bias
  • The use of propensity scoring to reduce bias in non-experimental studies
Publication Date 2012
Format Softcover, 219 pages
Product Code 07042
Price: $120.95