Asthma in the Workplace, Fourth Edition

Edited by Jean-Luc Malo, Moira Chan-Yeung, and David I. Bernstein

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The frequency of asthma in the workplace and occupational asthma is one of the most prevalent occupational lung diseases. Featuring an international group of contributors and editors, the fourth edition focuses on the clinical aspects of management and treatment to provide a comprehensive, hands-on resource.

New chapters on assessment and management of the workplace have been added for industrial hygienists. Expanded chapters on medicolegal aspects, prevention, and surveillance address the social outcomes of workers disabled by asthma and should serve as useful reference sources for occupational health physicians, workers' compensation administrators, private insurers, attorneys, adjudicators, and legislators. This edition also includes chapters on irritant-induced asthma and reactive airways syndrome and asthma exacerbated at work. Conditions that share clinical, functional, or immunological features to workplace asthma such as eosinophilic bronchitis and occupational rhinitis are covered.
The book is organized into five main parts:
Part I: General Considerations
Part II: Assessment
Part III: Management
Part IV: Specific Agents Causing Immunological Occupational Asthma
Part V: Specific Disease Entities and Variants
Publication Date 2013
Format Hardcover, 440 pages with index
Product Code 31032
Price: $225.00