Physician's Guide to Medicolegal Practice

Mohammed I. Ranavaya, MD, JD, MS, FRCPI, FFOM, FACLM, MCIME

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Whether you need to enhance existing skills or are entering the field of independent medical examination (IME), Physician's Guide to Medicolegal Practice is an up to date reference with critical information you need. This title features ten chapters covering broad topics from all aspects of medicolegal practice, including performing IMEs, writing record and file review opinions, handling expert witness opportunities, and dealing with personal injury claims, court systems, and legal professionals ethically and professionally.  Each chapter includes "pearls of wisdom" that help highlight essential information.  Practical and succinct.

Notable Features:

  • Ten concise and easy to read chapter present the information needed to begin and grow a medicolegal practice
  • Practice pearls throughout each chapter highlight the main and most salient points. Great for the reader who needs a quick refresh of this guide
  • Thorough definitions of common medical and legal terms provide readers with the medicolegal vocabulary they need
  • A robust appendix contains the 10 most important samples of forms, letters and documents that can help a reader launch a new or enhance an established business
  • Physicians will find this book teaches skills absent from medical training or residency programs and rarely covered in journal articles
Table of Contents
About the Author
  1. Disability and Legal Compensation Systems in the United States
  2. The IME Process: What you Must Know to Be Successful
  3. How to Start a Successful IME Practice
  4. The Independent Medical Examiner and the Legal Process
  5. How to Analyze Causation and Return-to-Work Issues
  6. Evidence-Based Report Writing
  7. Depositions and Live Courtroom Testimony Skills
  8. Legal Liability Exposure and Risk Management
  9. Dealing with the Legal System Ethically, Responsibly, and Professionally
  10. So, You Want to be an Expert Witness?

Publication Date 2019
Format Softcover, 270 pages
Product Code 50024
Dr. Ranavaya is a professor of occupational and environmental medicine at Marshall University School of Medicine and serves as director of the Appalachian Institute of Occupational & Environmental Medicine in West Virginia. He is also a founder and current president of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.
Price: $105.95