Wallach's Interpretation of Diagnostic Tests 11th Edition

L.V. Rao and L. Michael Snyder

Price: $89.99

Save time, avoid errors, and arrive at an accurate diagnosis with this comprehensive resource for ordering and interpreting diagnostic tests.
Organized into two easy-to-reference sections, this fully revised edition provides practical and thorough information on common and uncommon disease states and their diagnosis by laboratory test.

New in this edition:

  • *An easy-to-use organization presents routine and lesser known lab tests first (alphabetically, with detailed descriptions), with disease states following.
  • *Newly concise and streamlined content is highlighted by abundant tables, algorithms, and bulleted lists and checklists.
  • *A new pull-out card, "Ask Before You Test" helps you remember to check key factors that affect lab tests.
  • *Content updates include new information in the genetic, molecular diagnostics, and neurology testing chapters.
  • *Frequently ordered tests are included in tabular form, as well as in a tear-out version for convenient clinical use.
  • *An expanded index helps you efficiently locate needed information.

Publication Date 2020
Format Softcover with internet access code
1448 pages
Product Code 41105
Price: $89.99