Occupational and Environmental Medicine: Board Review and Clinical Synopsis

Kevin F. Smith, MD, MPH
Hayley J. Smith, LLB (JD)

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Occupational and Environmental Medicine: Board Review and Clinical Synopsis is an indispensable study guide for physicians preparing to take the Occupational Medicine board exam offered by the American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM). Additionally, it is a quick reference tool for physicians, nurses and other health professionals for cases presenting in their clinical practice.
Preparing for and taking the Occupational Medicine Board Examination can be a daunting task for the busy professional. The first step toward achieving certification is being armed with the essential knowledge needed to successfully prepare for the exam.

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Based on Dr. Smith's successful experience in taking and passing the exam three times over the past twenty years, these review outline notes are designed to assist busy physicians in their effort to prepare for the exam. Importantly, the book is based on known textbooks and covers the review topics suggested by the ABPM. Information for review is presented in a strategic and organized format.
The book's organization follows the Core Content Areas for certification in Occupational Medicine:

• Prevention, Exposure Assessment, Hazard Recognition and Control
• Clinical Patient Care
• OEHS Administration and Systems-Based Practice

The outline format allows the reader to quickly move through the review topics in a concise manner. Many valuable tables summarize information contained within the specific chapters and can aid in the final review process. The book format is designed to allow the user to write in additional notes as they study.
Table of Contents

  • Part I. Prevention, Exposure Assessment, Hazard Recognition, and Control
  • Section 1. Hazard Characterization
    Chapter 1. Walk-through Assessment and Industrial Hygiene Surveys
    Section 2. Toxicological Principles Chapter 2. Toxicokinetics
    Chapter 3. Carcinogenesis
    Chapter 4. Hydrocarbons and Solvents
    Chapter 5. Metals
    Aluminum (Al)
    Antimony (Sb)
    Arsenic (As)
    Beryllium (Be)
    Cadmium (Cd)
    Chromium (Cr)
    Cobalt (Co)
    Copper (Cu)
    Lead (Pb)
    Magnesium (Mg)
    Manganese (Mn)
    Mercury (Hg)
    Nickel (Ni)
    Selenium (Se)
    Silver (Ag)
    Thallium (Ti)
    Tin (Sn)
    Uranium (U)
    Vanadium (V)
    Zinc (Zn)
    Chapter 6. Gases
    Carbon Monoxide
    Hydrogen Sulfide
    Oxide of Nitrogen
    Sulfur Dioxide
    Chapter 7. Dusts
    Manmade Mineral Fibers
    Chapter 8. Pesticides
    Organochlorine Insecticides
    Chapter 9. Nitrogen Compounds
    Chapter 10. Chemical Warfare Agents
    Section 3. Ergonomics Chapter 11. Ergonomic Evaluation and Controls
    Section 4. Physical Hazards Chapter 12. Ionizing Radiation
    Chapter 13. Nonionizing Radiation
    Chapter 14. Noise
    Chapter 15. Dysbarism
    Chapter 16. Temperature
    Chapter 17. Mechanical Stress and Electromagnetic Fields
    Chapter 18. Vibration
    Chapter 19. Lasers
    Section 5. Chronobiology Chapter 20. Fatigue, Shiftwork, and Travel
    Section 6. Occupational Safety and Controls Chapter 21. Occupational Safety and Controls
    Section 7. Industrial Hygiene Chapter 22. Engineering Controls, Personal Protective Equipment, and Administrative Controls
    Section 8. Environmental Health Chapter 23. Environmental Health
    Section 9. Risk Assessment Chapter 24. Risk Assessment
  • Part II. Clinical Patient Care
  • Section 10. General Patient Evaluation and Testing Chapter 25. Exposure and Occupational History, Causation and Work-Relatedness, and Contributing Factors
    Section II. Conditions Chapter 26. Occupational Eye Examinations and Injuries
    Chapter 27. Ear, Nose, and Throat
    Chapter 28. Pulmonary
    Chapter 29. Cardiovascular
    Chapter 30. Hepatic and Gastrointestinal
    Chapter 31. Genitourinary
    Chapter 32. Hematology/Oncology
    Chapter 33. Infectious Diseases and Biohazards
    Chapter 34. Musculoskeletal
    Chapter 35. Neurologic Disorders
    Chapter 36. Mental Disorders
    Chapter 37. Reproductive Disorders
    Chapter 38. Dermatology
    Section 12. Assessing and Treating Toxin Exposure Chapter 39. Clinical Toxicology
    Chapter 40. Pain Management
  • Part III. Occupational and Environmental Health and Safety (OEHS) Administration and Systems-Based Practice
  • Section 13. OEHS Administration Chapter 41. Surveillance
    Chapter 42. Medical Ethics and Confidentiality
    Chapter 43. Regulations
    Chapter 44. Workers' Compensation
    Chapter 45. Health Care Delivery Systems
    Chapter 46. OEHS Program Management
    Section 14. OEHS Systems-Based Practice Chapter 47. Health and Productivity
    Chapter 48. Emergency and Disaster Management
    Chapter 49. Transportation Medicine
    Chapter 50. Disability Administration
    Chapter 51. Substance Use and Abuse
    Chapter 52. Workplace Violence
    Appendix. Weekly Review Schedule

Publication Date 2021
Format Softcover, 440 Pages
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Kevin F. Smith, MD, MPH, is a board-certified physician specializing in Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Smith has put his 30 plus years of clinical experience in the field, along with his experience sitting for the Occupational Medicine Board Examination three times between the initial exam and two subsequent recertifications, toward developing this board review book in partnership with his wife Hayley J. Smith, BA LAL, LLB (JD).
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