Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, 9th Edition

Judith E. Tintinalli, Editor-in-Chief

Price: $225.00

Now in a new, updated, ninth, edition, this text is a reliable and comprehensive resource for all health professionals involved with emergency medicine. This book includes all the significant medical, traumatic, and environmental conditions behind emergency room visits in addition to addressing prehospital care, disaster preparedness, as well as basic and advanced resuscitative techniques in adults, children and neonates.

Highlights of the Ninth Edition:

•Full-color design with more tables to succinctly present key information
•Extensive updates to all sections
•Online access to over 100 videos, covering a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and POCUS for obstetric/gynecologic, pediatric, musculoskeletal, and vascular conditions
•World-class pediatric section on the care of neonates, infants, and children
• Expanded chapters on the management of gynecologic and obstetric conditions and emergencies
•Updated information on toxicologic and environmental emergencies
•Contemporary, concise discussion of ED identification and treatment of opioid use disorders
•Updated information on procedural sedation
•Expert advice on the management and care of transgender patients
• Latest information available on neurologic and cardiac emergencies

Publication Date 2019
Format Hardcover, 2160 pages
Product Code 32020
Price: $225.00