Cannabis as Medicine: Its History and Science

John V. Thomas, MD

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Cannabis as Medicine: It's History and Science presents in two parts the historical uses of the cannabis plant as medicine and the modern, peer-reviewed scientific evidence that validates its medicinal properties.
Part I traces the history of medical cannabis and how it has been used as medicine in ancient, medieval, and modern times. Part II presents a scientific overview of the cannabis plant with a detailed review of the scientific underpinnings of the concept that cannabis is a safe and potentially useful medicine. More than 1,000 references document the peer-reviewed evidence that supports the medicinal potential of cannabis. Additionally, a useful glossary lists more than 200 terms and acronyms
Readers interested in the history of cannabis will enjoy learning about the historical uses of the plant. Physicians and scientists can examine the peer-reviewed evidence that supports a wide spectrum of potential medicinal uses. Clinical researchers will find it valuable as a source of ideas worth pursuing in the quest for new treatments for disorders including cancer, diabetes, epilepsy, PTSD, and MRSA infections, among others.

"An outstanding book by Dr. Thomas... very well-written in a style that is easy to follow. The author makes the important point that clinical trials have lagged behind pre-clinical research. He sharply analyzes the reasons for this disparity -- political and bureaucratic in many countries, particularly the U.S."-- Raphael Mechoulam, Ph.D. Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

"Highly recommended...Thorough, well-researched, and concise!"-- Julie Holland, MD, Editor: The Pot Book - A Complete Guide to Cannabis

"An impressive historical record of the use of cannabis as medicine and the latest science behind its modern medical use."-- Keith Stroup, Esq. Legal Counsel, NORML

"A lucid account of the medicinal uses of this fascinating plant. The book's carefully researched sections about the pharmacology of cannabis and its constituents are especially useful" -- Daniele Piomelli, Ph.D. Director, Center for the Study of Cannabis, University of California School of Medicine, Irvine, CA

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Publication Date February 2021
Format Softcover, 285 pages
ISBN 978-1-883595-91-3
Product Code A102
John V. Thomas, MD, a Harvard Medical School clinical faculty member for thirty years is the author or co-author of 43 original scientific papers, 22 book chapters, and co-editor of two textbooks--Glaucoma Surgery, and Photocoagulation in Glaucoma and Anterior Segment Disease.
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