The Medical Review Officer's Manual: MROCC's Guide to Drug Testing, Sixth Edition

Medical Review Officer Certification Council
Robert B. Swotinksy, MD, MPH

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The Medical Review Officer's Manual: MROCC's Guide to Drug Testing, Sixth Edition is a comprehensive, well-organized resource for Medical Review Officers (MROs), MRO Team Member, and everyone responsible for providing workplace drug and alcohol testing services. Written by Robert B. Swotinsky, MD, MPH, a Medical Review Officer with 30+ years of experience, this clearly organized and indexed manual sets the standard of performance for MROs. It also remains the best possible resource of preparation for MROCC's MRO Certification Examination.

This newly revised reference has been updated to address regulatory changes during the past five years, including:

  • Additional prescription opioids (added to the federal panel in 2017)
  • Oral fluid testing guidelines (2020)
  • The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Clearinghouse (2020)
  • The updated federal Custody and Control Form (2020)
  • An expanded discussion of testing of non-urine specimens

Guidelines for drug test interpretation have been updated to reflect evolving standards of practice. These include the means of verifying medical explanations, the interpretation of marijuana-positives with respect to state-legalized marijuana use, and the use of cannabidiol (CBD). Scientific discussions have been updated to include recent citations for some of the less well-known parts of the federal regulations so readers can more easily locate the source material.

Available as a package only in both print and electronic formats. The eBook version will be updated periodically to keep you abreast of future changes in regulations and recommendations.

The MRO Manual can also be used as a companion to The Medical Review Officer Team Manual: MROCC's Guide for MROs and MRO Team Members, Second Edition by James Ferguson, DO, FASAM published by OEM Press.

NOTE: The eBook version is online access only and NOT downloadable

Table of Contents
List of Exhibits
About the Author
Common Acronyms
1 The Medical Review Officer (MRO)
2 Laws, Guidelines, and Policies
3 Test Types
4 Service Agents and Designated Employer Representatives
5 Specimen Collection
6 Adulterants, Substitution, and Dilution
7 Point-of-Care Tests
8 Laboratory Analysis
9 Laboratory Results
10 MRO Review of Drug-Test Results
11 Split Specimen Tests and Single Specimen Retests
12 Comparisons Between Specimens
13 Alcohol and Specific Drugs
14 Alcohol Testing
15 Return-to-Duty Process
16 Drug Testing in Nonworkplace Settings
17 The Medical Review Officer Certification Council
Appendix A MRO Code of Ethics
Appendix B Ethical Aspects of Drug Testing
Appendix C Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form (CCF) (May 6, 2020) revision
Appendix D Part 40--Procedures for Transportation Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing Programs
Appendix E DOT Agency Regulations
Publication Date 2021
Format Softcover print book with digital access to e-book
548 pages
ISBN 978-1-883595-93-7
Product Code 23122
Robert Swotinsky, MD, is an occupational medicine physician in consulting practice in MetroWest Massachusetts and Assistant Professor at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Swotinsky is board certified in occupational medicine; is a practicing, certified medical review officer (MRO); FMCSA-certified medical examiner; and has served as a senior aviation medical examiner and substance abuse professional. The Medical Review Officer's Manual is Dr. Swotinsky's second book on workplace drug and alcohol testing. He has also written the MRO Update newsletter since its start in late 1994, is a coauthor of the Medical Review Officer Certification Council's (MROCC) MRO certification examination, has taught in national courses for MROs, and has been a member of federal advisory committees about workplace drug testing and DOT physicals. Dr. Swotinsky's expertise includes workplace drug and alcohol testing, toxicology, and assessment of work (dis)ability. Dr. Swotinsky graduated with chemical engineering and biology degrees from MIT, a medical degree from Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and a master's in public health from the University of California, Los Angeles.
Price: $159.00

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