Guides to Navigating Disability Benefit Systems: Essentials for the Health Care Professional

Les Kertay PhD, Marjorie Eskay-Auerbach MD JD, Mark Hyman MD

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Written for front-line health care professionals who do not have specialized training in evaluating patients with regard to work capacity, but who often find themselves facing patients who believe they are unable to work because of a health condition. This essential resource is designed to help medical and psychological health care professionals understand, navigate, and communicate effectively in the complex world of disability systems and claims.

Features Include:

  • -Fundamental principles of disability evaluations and causation analysis
  • -Guidance for navigating common forms, family medical leave, public and private disability, and workers' compensation systems
  • -An introduction to disability evaluation as it interfaces with the legal system
  • - Thorough references that provide the reader with easy access to more detailed material

Written by front-line health care professionals and legal experts with long histories of working in disability evaluation, this guide dispels confusion and misconception by offering relevant, highy accessible guidance. It also addresses the human issues of work ability and return to work, promoting health by promoting work, and communicating with patients, employers, and insurers.
Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. The Health Care Professional's Role in Disability Benefit Systems
  3. Work Ability and Return to Work
  4. Causation
  5. Communicating with Patients, Employers, and Insurers
  6. Navigating Forms
  7. Physician Certification for Family Medical Leave
  8. The Health Care Professional and Private Disability Insurance Claims
  9. Social Security Disability
  10. The Workers' Compensation System
  11. The Legal System: Attorneys, Judges, and Expert Testimony
  12. Promoting Health by Promoting Work
  13. Appendix: Additional Resources: Forms and Questionnaires
Publication Date 2016
Format Softcover, 191 pages
Product Code 50023
Price: $60.00