Population Health: Creating a Culture of Wellness, Second Edition

David B. Nash, MD MBA, Raymond J. Fabius MD, Janice L. Clarke, RN, Alexis Skoufalos, EdD, and Melissa R. Horowitz

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Published in early 2016 in a second edition, this book conveys the key concepts of population health management and strategies for creating a culture of health and wellness in the context of health care reform.
Beginning with a new opening chapter, entitled, "Building Cultures of Health and Wellness", the Second Edition takes a comprehensive, forward-looking approach to population health with an emphasis on creating a culture of wellness. The revised text takes into consideration the Affordable Care Act and its substantial impact on how health science is taught, how health care is delivered and how health care services are compensated in the United States.


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Organized into five key sections:

1. Overview and policy synthesis
2. The consumer and his/her new role in a system characterized by population health
3. The importance of the continuum of care and moving the US beyond the hospital walls
4. The connection between population health and the business case for achieving a "no outcome, no income" value-based delivery system
5. The key research questions for the future
Table of Contents Building a Culture of Health
SECTION I Overview and Policy
Chapter 1 Population Health Overview
Chapter 2 The Spectrum of Care
Chapter 3 Policy Implications for Population Health: Health Promotion and Wellness
Chapter 4 Population Health: Education
Chapter 5 The Political Landscape in Relation to the Health and Wellness of Nations
Section II Population Health and the Patient
Chapter 6 Behavior Change
Chapter 7 Patient Engagement: Engaging Patients in the Care Process
Chapter 8 Behavioral Economics: How BE Influences and Changes Health
Chapter 9 Health System Navigation: The Role of Health Advocacy and Assistance Programs
Section III Population Health Across the Continuum
Chapter 10 Transitions of Care
Chapter 11 Quality and Safety across the Care Continuum
Chapter 12 Information Technology
Chapter 13 Decision Support
Chapter 14 Population Health in Action: Successful Models
Section IV Business
Chapter 15 The Legal Implications of Reform
Chapter 16 Making the Case for Population Health Management: The Business Value of a Healthy Workforce
Chapter 17 Marketing and Communication
Section V Population Health Research
Chapter 18 Research and Development in Population Health
Chapter 19 The Role of Comparative Effectiveness
Chapter 20 The Future of Population Health
Appendix Case Studies
Section I: Case Study Michigan Primary Care Transformation Project (MiPCT) and the Role of Multipayer Primary Care Initiatives in Achieving Population Health
Section II: Case Study Assessing Organizational Readiness for Population Health
Section III: Case Study The Power of Community in Population Health: PowerUp for Kids
Publication Date 2016
Format Softcover, 466 pages
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Price: $104.95