Principles of Toxicology: Environmental and Industrial Applications 3rd Edition

Stephen M Roberts, Robert C James, Phillip L Williams

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Presents the scientific basis to toxicology as it applies to the workplace and the environment. The third edition is compact and practical with information structured for easy use by health professionals in both industry and government. The book takes an applied, as opposed to theoretical, scientific approach. Emphasis is placed on the information pertinent to the industrial environment.

  • Covers the diverse chemical hazards encountered in the modern work and natural environment, and provides a practical understanding of these hazards
  • New topics include Toxicokinetics, Omics Technologies, Developmental Toxicity, Computational Toxicology, Nanotoxicology, and Determination of Causation in Toxicology
  • Provides clear explanations and practical understanding of the fundamentals necessary for an understanding of the effects of chemical hazards on human health and ecosystems
  • Includes case histories and examples from industry which demonstrate the application of toxicological principles
  • Supplemented with numerous illustrations to clarify and summarize key points, annotated bibliographies, and a comprehensive glossary of toxicological terms
Table of Contents
1. General Principles of Toxicology
2. Xenobiotic Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism, and Excretion
3. Toxicokinetics
4. Omics Technologies in Toxicology
5. Toxicity of the Hematopoietic System
6. Hepatotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Liver
7. Nephrotoxicity: Toxic Responses of the Kidney
8. Neurotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Nervous System
9. Dermatotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Skin
10. Pulmonotoxicity: Toxic Effects in the Lung
11. Immunotoxicity: Toxic Effects on the Immune System
12. Toxic Effects on Reproduction
13. Developmental Toxicology
14. Mutagenesis and Genetic Toxicology
15. Chemical Carcinogenesis
16. Properties and Effects of Metals
17. Properties and Effects of Pesticides
18. Properties and Effects of Solvents and Solvent-Like Chemicals
19. Nanotoxicology
20. Computational Toxicology
21. Epidemiological Issues in Occupational and Environmental Health
22. Occupational and Environmental Health
23. Human Health Risk Assessment
Publication Date 2015
Format Hardcover, 286 pages
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Price: $129.00