Tintinalli's Emergency Medicine: A Comprehensive Study Guide, Eighth Edition

J. Stapczynski, Judith Tintinalli, David Cline, O. John Ma, Garth Meckler, Donald Yealy

Price: $249.00

Endorsed by the American College of Emergency Physicians, this widely used and highly regarded textbook covers the broad scope of emergency medicine. Features a format that is well-organized and comprehensive yet easy to read. Includes sections on toxicology, environmental injuries, disaster preparedness, radiation injuries, blast and crush injuries, and chemical disasters.

New to the 8th Edition:
  • Full-color design with more tables to succintly present key information,
  • Extensive updates to all sections, incorporating the latest guidelines, evidence-based protocols, and relevant research,
  • Expanded pediatric section, with complete clinical information for general and pediatric emergency physicians
  • Expanded coverage of common emergency department procedures, with improved illustrations
  • Online access to more than 30 videos, covering a wide range of procedural and diagnostic topics and focusing on the latest ultrasound-guided techniques

Publication Date 2016
Format Hardcover, 2176 pages
Product Code 32012
Price: $249.00