Fitness for Work: The Medical Aspects, Fifth Edition

Edited by Keith T Palmer, Ian Brown and John Hobson

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In this highly regarded resource, expert authors provide practical guidance on the employment potential of anyone with an illness or disability as well as examining the art and skills of fitness for work assessment and its ethical framework. Chapters are organized by medical condition for ease of reference.

New chapters on work in cancer survivors, health promotion in the workplace, and managing and avoiding absence due to sickness.

Table of Contents
  1. A general framework for assessing fitness for work
  2. Legal aspects of fitness for work
  3. The Equality Act
  4. Support, rehabilitation and interventions in restoring fitness for work
  5. Ethics for occupational physicians
  6. Neurological disorders
  7. Mental health and psychiatric disorders
  8. Epilepsy
  9. Vision and eye disorders
  10. Hearing and vestibular disorders
  11. Spinal disorders
  12. Orthopaedics and trauma of the limbs
  13. Rheumatological disorders
  14. Gastrointestinal and liver disorders
  15. Diabetes mellitus and other endocrine disorders
  16. Haematological disorders
  17. Cardiovascular disorders
  18. Respiratory disorders
  19. Renal and urological disease
  20. Women at work
  21. Fitness for work after surgery or critical illness
  22. Dermatological disorders
  23. HIV
  24. Alcohol and drugs misuse
  25. Medication
  26. The older worker
  27. Ill Health Retirement
  28. Fitness to drive
  29. Health screening
  30. Managing and avoiding sickness absence
  31. Health promotion in the workplace
  32. Cancer
  33. Appendix 1: Civil aviation Appendix 2: Seafarer fitness Appendix 3: Offshore workers Appendix 4: The medical assessment of working divers Appendix 5: General aspects of fitness for work overseas Appendix 6: Workers exposed to hand transmitted vibrations
Publication Date 2013
Format Softcover, 741 pages
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Price: $90.00