Fundamentals of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing: AAOHN Core Curriculum, Fourth Edition

Pamela V. Moore and Roy L. Moore, Editors

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A comprehensive overview of occupational and environmental health nursing, the 4th edition updates and expands common core knowledge in OHN practice. New underlying concepts throughout the book incorporate evidenced-based practice and a global perspective. Practical case studies are included to reflect specific examples of application to practice. In response to reader feedback, this new version has been extensively revamped into a narrative format, which allows for more in-depth discussion of critical topics. This text serves as a vital resource for a variety of readers, including beginning-level OHNs, experienced OHNs seeking a "consult" on a particular topic, OHNs studying for the occupational health nursing and other certification exams, faculty searching for authoritative source information, and interprofessional colleagues seeking information on the wealth of topics included in the fourth edition.

Table of Contents
    Section One: Foundations of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing Practice
  1. Occupational & Environmental Health Nursing: An Overview
  2. Scientific Foundations of Occupational & Environmental Health Nursing Practice
  3. Worker Demographics & Implications for OHNs
  4. Legal and Ethical Issues
  5. Economic, Political & Business Factors
  6. Environmental Health
  7. Principles of Leadership and Management
  8. Information Management through Innovative Technology
  9. Section Two: Strategies and Approaches to Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing Practice
  10. Developing, Implementing & Evaluating Comprehensive Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Programs
  11. Safety Management
  12. Direct Care in the Occupational Health Setting
  13. Disability Management
  14. Emergency Preparedness
  15. Individual and Organizational Health and Well-Being
  16. Section Three: Advancing Professionalism in Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing
  17. Advancing Professionalism: Research and Evidence-Based Practice
  18. Future of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing
  1. A Timeline of Occupational Health and Safety
  2. Occupational Health and Safety Resources
  3. Glossary
  4. Acronyms and Initialisms
  5. Competencies in Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing
  6. Standards of Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing
  7. American Association of Occupational Health Nurses' Code of Ethics
  8. Occupational and Environmental Health Nurse Competency Levels for Respiratory Protection
Publication Date 2014
Format Softcover, 708 pages
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Price: $115.00