Independent Medical Evaluation: A Practical Guide

Douglas W. Martin, MD

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Geared toward any physician working with IME's, this book offers thorough coverage of every aspect of Independent Medical Evaluations from defining IME product and the IME evaluator themselves, explaining the medicolegal systems, and providing guidance towards establishing these professional services. Includes descriptions of how to best use medical records and best-practices for taking an IME history and conducting an examination. Chapters go on to cover developing an IME report, the common challenges and pitfalls encountered, along with strategies and pearls.

Table of Contents
1. What is an Independent Medical Evaluator?
2. Medicolegal Systems and the IME Provider
3. So You Want to Do IMEs?: How to Develop This Service
4. Practical Aspects of IME Appointments: Scheduling, Agreements, etc.
5. Setting the Stage: What You Can Learn (and Not) from the Medical Records and How to Use Them
6. Taking an IME History and Conducting the Examination
7. Be Prepared! Things You May Not Have Thought About
8. Addressing Common Questions Posed to the IME Examiner
9. Developing and Authoring an IME Report
10. Wacky Things That Happen After the Report is Done and How to Deal with Them
11. The Independent File Review
Appendix 1: Independent File Review Report Examples
Appendix A
Publication Date 2018
Format Softcover, 220 pages with index
Product Code 71000
Price: $119.99