Instant Medical Spanish for the Care of Workers

Suzanne Sergile, MD, MPH

Price: $23.00

  • The only medical Spanish book that specifically deals with work-related injuries and occupational medicine
  • Offers pocket-sized convenience and quick, easy access to key medical terms in Spanish
  • Organizes correct phrases for treatment in a logical sequence
  • Gives you samples of all the forms you regularly use

You'll find dozens of sample forms to save time and improve communication:
  • Occupational history and other work-related history forms let you obtain complete information without the need for a translator
  • Discharge instruction and exercise instruction forms make sure the patient understands how to take care of an injury at home
  • Drug screen and tetanus shot consent forms show that the worker has received the proper information and given informed consent
Everything You Need, Logically Organized for quick reference. Even if no translation services are available, this book will help you and your staff obtain the necessary information and provide the treatment needed, quickly and effectively. You'll find all the phrases needed to obtain a worker's personal and company information, explain vital signs and obtain an initial history, sort out the mechanism of injury or illness, examine the patient, and explain the diagnosis. Discharge forms make sure the patient understands how to care for his injury or illness, when he should return to work or restricted work, and when he should follow up with the doctor or other healthcare professional.

This valuable quick-reference tool will streamline the entire process of taking patient information, examining patients, providing treatment, and ensuring proper follow-up. It will give employers and their Spanish-speaking workers confidence in your facility and your personnel. And it will reduce the likelihood of communication glitches that can have a negative and sometimes disastrous impact on treatment effectiveness and patient relations. Instant Medical Spanish for the Care of Workers is an efficient and cost-effective tool that will pay for itself the first week you use it.
Publication Date 1999
Format Softcover, 209 pages
ISBN 978-1-883595-23-4
Product Code 23051
Price: $23.00

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