Jekel's Epidemiology, Biostatistics, Preventive Medicine, and Public Health, Fourth Edition

David L Katz, MD MPH; Dorothea Wild, MD MPH; Joanne G. Elmore MD MPH; Sean C Lucan MD MPH MS

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Recommended by the American Board of Preventive Medicine as a top review guide for its core specialty examination, this is the only textbook that combines the disciplines of medical epidemiology, biostatistics, preventive medicine, and public health in one resource. Features the latest on healthcare policy and financing, infectious diseases, chronic disease, and disease prevention technology.
Includes the information you need with a clinical focus, using real-life medical examples throughout. Each chapter includes review questions making it an outstanding resource for USMLE preparation.

Table of Contents
  1. Basic Epidemiologic Concepts and Principles
  2. Epidemiologic Data Sources and Measurements
  3. Epidemiologic Surveillance and Outbreak Investigation
  4. The Study of Causation in Epidemiologic Investigation and Research
  5. Common Research Designs Used in Epidemiology
  6. Assessment of Risk and Benefit in Epidemiologic Studies
  7. Understanding Errors in Clinical Medicine
  8. Improving Decisions in Clinical Medicine
  10. Describing Variation in Data
  11. Statistical Inference and Hypothesis Testing
  12. Bivariate Analysis
  13. Sample Size, Randomization, and Probability Theory
  14. Multivariable Analysis
  16. Introduction to Preventive Medicine
  17. Methods of Primary Prevention: Health Promotion
  18. Methods of Primary Prevention: Specific Protection
  19. Methods of Secondary Prevention
  20. Methods of Tertiary Prevention
  21. The Public Health System: Structure and Function
  22. Medical Care Organization, Policy, and Financing
  23. Comprehensive Examination
  24. Epidemiologic and Medical Glossary
Publication Date 2013
Format Softcover, 456 pages
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Price: $59.95