Occupational and Environmental Lung Diseases, Diseases from Work, Home, Outdoor and Other Exposures

Edited by: Susan M. Tarlo, University of Toronto, Paul Cullinan, National Heart and Lunch Institute (Imperial College) London, and Benoit Nemery, Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium

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This 2010 volume approaches occupational and environmental lung diseases from the starting point of the patient who comes to the physician with respiratory systems. Chapters in the book are arranged by job or exposure and divided into five sections: personal environment, home environment, other indoor environment, work environment, and general environment.

Each chapter is written by an expert in the specific topic and provides pragmatic information for the physician. Protocols for screening, testing, and identification of environmental triggers are reviewed. Cross-referenced appendices allow the practitioner to formulate appropriate investigations and diagnostic procedures.

Publication Date 2010
Format Hardcover, 492 pages
Product Code 28095
Price: $245.00