The Medical Review Officer Team Manual: MROCC's Guide for MROs and MRO Team Members, Second Edition

James Ferguson, DO, FASAM

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As demands for a safe and drug-free workplace grow, federal requirements and a burgeoning work load require that many medical review functions be carried out by Medical Review Officer Team members. This useful, up-to-the-minute manual has been created to help prepare MRO Team Members for certification and to keep the entire MRO team operating at a peak level of professionalism and efficiency. Offering a complete view of the medical review process, the Medical Review Officer Team Manual covers business, scientific, legal, ethical and logistical issues. Eighteen appendices and charts address every different function MRO Teams are required to perform.

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New to this edition:
  • More specific information about DOT compliance requirements;
  • Updated information on newer laboratory technologies;
  • Revisions of the DOT Collection Guidelines, CCF, New Client Implementation Questions, and Drug Testing FAQs.
Use this book to:
  • Know the difference between what only the MRO can do in a DOT review and what may be delegated to a Team member;
  • Understand the important issues to address when implementing a drug testing program for a new client;
  • Create job descriptions for use when hiring and training MRO Team Members;
  • Stay compliant with regulations.
It is an ideal practical manual for MROs and MRO Team Members and those who work with them and use their services, including employers and others interested in workplace drug testing. The guide can also be used as a companion to Swotinsky's Medical Review Officer's Manual, providing "how to" specifics to help the entire MRO team apply the science and art of medical review presented in Swotinsky and Smith's Manual. Two Book Combo Offer Cover all the bases for the MRO and the MRO team and save 10% by buying both of our latest MRO books. Click here to order the package deal.
Table of Contents Introduction
  1. Jurisdiction (Authority) in Drug Testing Programs
  2. The Medical Review Team
  3. The MRO Office
  4. The MRO Team and the Client
  5. The MRO Team and the Collection Process
  6. The MRO Team and the Laboratory
  7. The MRO Team and the Review of Test Results
  8. The MRO Team and Test Result Reporting
  9. The MRO Team and Alternative Specimens
  10. The MRO Team and Alcohol Testing
  11. Practical Tips
Appendices Index
Publication Date 2013
Format Softcover, 317 pages
ISBN 978-1-883595-57-9
Product Code 23103
Price: $80.00 Buy E-Book